We Ensure That it Sounds Good!

This was the seed from which the present SoundFarm originated. We have provided first class sound engineering for music events since the end of the 80s. Our passion for music is the incentive for the continuous improvement of live sound. In doing this, we set new standards – and that is still our ambition. You too can benefit from this!
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We Make Everything Sound Good!

Today, we are one of the best known companies in our industry. We have long stood for comprehensive audio competence that meets every challenge, whether in music or speech. We provide perfect sound at concerts and shows, for tours or individual events, indoors and in the open-air, at industrial events such as product presentations, trade fairs, conferences or general meetings and at events both large and small in the political, cultural and social arena.

More than Just State of the Art

We have always relied on first class technology. However, the best has frequently still been far from good enough for us to realise our visions of even better sound. As such,
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with our partners, we have often further developed the best technology available on the market, thereby continuing to raise the bar in high-end audio technology. This has gained us the reputation of being perfectionists. We are working hard to keeping this up – both in our own interests and, above all, in the interests of our customers.

We Make the Sound

Whether it needs to be really loud or if you are looking for softer tones, it is not the technology alone that provides the perfect sound but primarily the people who work with it. With us, those people are highly qualified enthusiasts who are enthralled and fascinated by your assignments, even after many years or decades in the job. Business as usual is a rarity here but that is what makes our work so exciting!

You Can Depend on Our Quality

In order to provide a service at a consistently high level,
SoundFarm, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Crew, Production
we also consider the care and maintenance of our equipment to be extremely important. Every piece of equipment is carefully checked before and after use and, if there is any doubt, it is passed to the in-house workshop. Here, the specialists take care of it and decide whether it can be repaired or has to be withdrawn from service. As such, we ensure that everything again runs smoothly next time we are on location – you can depend on it!

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